What is the difference between "organic" and "natural" product ?

Answer : This is a common question amongst customers. Basically, the term of organic product refers to how the product are made and processed. The organic products are made and processed under certain organic standards/guidelines, rules and regulations, issued by organic regulatory bodies, such as EcoCert, COSMO, USDA (in US), etc.
Natural product, in this case, means the products are derived from natural ingredients but are not necessarily made under those certain organic guidelines and certified by any organic regulatory body.
However, unlike organic food, there are no legal standards for organic skincare products. Some skincare/beauty products may have 'organic' label on them even they only contain a very tiny amount of organic ingredients. This is usually for marketing purpose. So, it is important to choose wisely and carefully from many available organic skin care brands in the market. Please read the ingredients before purchasing and don't hesitate to ask the sales person or the formulator herself/himself, if you can. 

So, are TATTVIKA Products organic or natural ?
Answer : Tattvika is a range of natural skincare products. We only use natural and biodegradable/eco-friendly ingredients. Although our ingredients are 90% organic certified, we decide not to label our products as "organic" and only "natural", merely because Tattvika itself hasn't been certified yet by any organic regulatory body, to be able to claim this label on its products.

PS: Please keep in mind, as some ingredients such as water and salt are also chemicals, so there is no such thing as 'chemical-free' skincare :).

Is TATTVIKA BPOM certified, then? 
Answer : Unfortunately, Tattvika has not registered their products on BPOM yet. However, we are very looking forward to be there the soonest we can, and is still preparing ourselves to be able to fullfil BPOM administrative qualifications. 

With these conditions and constraints, these are what we do to prevent any misconducts/violations/safety risks :
  • only use safe and trusted natural derived ingredients
  • keep updating our research and development
  • applied our product testing on volunteers and worked on feedbacks
  • did stability testing and microbial testing (as much as artisan can do) before launching a product to the market 
  • follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in producing our products
  • provide complete information of ingredients on each product label
  • register our product to White Flower Label at Indonesian White Flower Community
  • only sell directly to customers while educating them about using our products responsibly
  • open to discuss and provide consultation - related to TATTVIKA products only- for our customers  

Do you still have any question? 
Answer : Please do not hesitate to reach us by e mail (admin@tattvika.co) or Whatsapp +628111831216